Our pre-school programs in our Children’s Division are specifically designed for the child ages 18 months to 6. Each pre-school class has built in “benchmarks” for each child to reach, so that YOU can see your child’s success. The focus of these classes is based on the foundations of ballet, tap, as well as fine and gross motor skills, coordination, social development and harvesting a love for the arts. These classes are a great place for young children to explore their creative minds.

We teach proper dance technique and terminology from day one and students are learning the foundations of dance in a disciplined yet nurturing environment.  All pre-school classes have small class sizes to promote individual instruction.

CREATIVE MOVEMENT - Ages 18 months to 3 years old - 30 minute class - Pink Ballet Shoes

3/4 COMBO- Ages 3 to 4 years old - 45 minute class - Black Bloch Merry Jane Taps and Pink Ballet Shoes

3.5/5 COMBO - Ages 3.5 to 5 years old - 45 minute class - Black Bloch Merry Jane Taps and Pink Ballet Shoes

5/6 COMBO - Ages 5 to 6 years old - 45 minute class - Balck Bloch Merry Jane Taps and Pink Ballet Shoes


Our Company Program is for the dancer who would like to focus more on advancing their training.  SODC Company is a high energy performing group where dancers are trained to be leaders in the dance world, the classroom, and the community.  Many of our alumni have gone on to pursue dance careers on the stage, on Collegiate and Pro NFL Dance Teams, as Dance Majors and Dance Studio Owners.

We not only compete, but we perform locally, regionally and volunteer and support our local dance and theatre community.  SODC Elite is home to over 60 dancers ages 5-18 who travel across the state and region to compete, perform, and train with the best professional instructors in the industry.

SODC Members have unique opportunities throughout the year to learn, grow, and further their training and dance careers.  Auditions are in July of each year.


We also have a Boys Only Program.  While all of our classes are coed, these classes are for the boys that want to take classes with just other boys.  In these classes we work on dexterity, agility, coordination and body control.  The younger boys work on these skills and do a hip hop dance in our annual recital and the older boys perform a tap and hip hop number in our recital.  Our boys enjoy matwork, tricks and dancing.

LIL BOYZ - Ages 4-8 - 30 minute class - Tennis Shoes

BIG BOYZ - Ages 9-18 - 45 minute class - Black Tie Tap Shoes and Tennis Shoes


Our Core Division is for boys and girls ages 7-18. Whether your child is a beginner or has years of training, we have all styles and levels to choose from, including beginner level. Our Core Division dancers find fun, friendship, discipline, and a love of dance in our energetic and encouraging environment. Focus is on individual development and growth of self-esteem. Dancers look forward to dancing in our recital/showcase at the end of the season.  When you reach our 12 and up age you are able to choose specific subjects you would like to focus on.

7/8 COMBO - Ages 7 to 8 years old - 45 minute class - Tan Slip On Taps and Tan Bloch NeoFlex Jazz Shoes

9/10/11 COMBO - Ages 9 to 11 years old - 1 hour class - Tan Slip On Taps, Tan Bloch NeoFlex Jazz Shoes & FootUndeez

12 & UP - Ages 12 to 18 years old - 30 minute classes - Tap, Jazz, Lyrical and Hip Hop

Tan Slip On Taps, Tan Bloch NeoFlex Jazz Shoes & FootUndeez (Hip Hop TBD)

BALLET - Ages 7-18 - 45 minute class - Pink Ballet Shoes